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For more than 100 years, the Regal electric motor brands have kept the commercial and industrial marketplace in motion. Regal is a leading designer and manufacturer of single and three phase AC motors in NEMA® and IEC enclosures, DC motors, gear-motors, low and medium voltage motors, and variable-speed control solutions. Innovative motors include axial and radial flux designs with integrated controls for optimum performance.  Our broad range of electric motors provide high quality, energy efficient solutions for hundreds of industries throughout the world such as HVAC, pumping, fans and blowers, compressors, and industrial machinery. Regal Products range from sub-fractional horse power through 5600 horse power. Look to Regal for innovative solutions and personalized service through Force-RPM Sales.

Globetrotter Motor

Globetrotter® Totally Enclosed Motors

Our complete line of Globetrotter® general purpose motors are built for tough applications. These motors are designed for industrial applications most commonly found in processing plants such as conveyors, pumps, gear reducers and air moving.Learn More >

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Black Max® Inverter Duty Motor

The Black Max® motors are designed for VFD or vector applications requiring full rated torque at zero speed using closed or open-loop controls. The exclusive Max Guard® motor insulation system delivers long, dependable motor life under the adverse thermal and dielectric stresses imposed by IGBT-based VFDs.Learn More >

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Blue Max® Inverter Duty Motor

Blue MAX® Inverter Duty motors are designed for inverter and vector applications where severe duty features are married to a 2000:1 speed range offering outstanding performance.Learn More >

Severe Duty

XRI® – Severe Duty® Motor

Our Precision Balanced 3 Phase Electric Motors XRI® Severe Duty  Line is designed to be used on severe duty environments where long life and ultra-high efficiency are desired.  Ranges from 1 HP – 500 HP, 2, 4 & 6 poles, 230/460 V (up to 30 HP only), 9 leads, 460 V, 575 V, 3 leads – for entire range.  and Bearing Current protection ( BCP) and Max guard Insulation, as noted.Learn More >


Blue Chip Series® XRI® – 841 Motor

Blue Chip Series® XRI® – 841 severe duty motors meet the IEEE841 standard. They are designed for the oil, gas, chemical industries along with applications that require “Mission Critical” performance.Learn More >

Blue Chip XRI Crusher

Blue Chip Series® XRI® – Crusher Duty Motor

The Blue Chip Series® XRI® – Crusher Duty motor is built tough for the toughest environments and applications in the aggregate, mining, and cement industries.Learn More >


Blue Chip Series® XRI® – Hazardous Duty® Motor

Our Blue Chip Series® XRI®– Hazardous Duty® motor is designed for “Mission Critical” applications in oil, gas & chemical industries along with the mining and grain industries.Learn More >

Blue Chip XRI Medium Voltage Primary

Blue Chip Series® XRI® – Medium Voltage Motor

Blue Chip Series® XRI® – Medium Voltage motors incorporate Open, WPI, WPII, TEFC, TEWAC and TEACC enclosures for pumping, compressors, fans & blowers as well as industrial machinery.Learn More >

Washdown Motors

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LEESON® Washguard® motors deliver something most motors can’t — the confidence to know your applications will be up and running no matter what you throw at them. Whether you need a motor that handles an occasional splash or a solution that handles continuous washdown 24/7, Regal’s broad range of LEESONwashdown industrial-duty motors can take it. 

Choose a solution that’s USDA approved, FDA approved, BISSC certified, or a motor with an IP69 rated enclosure protection — to name just a few. If you’re looking for answers to tough application issues, look to LEESON motors.

Extreme Duck Ultra Motors

The Extreme Duck® Ultra Washdown duty motors is Regal’s revolutionary designed stainless-steel motor featuring our full body epoxy encapsulation system. Our patented solutions ensure greater reliability and uptime by providing maximum protection in the most demanding and harshest washdown environments.

Premium Duck™ Motors

The Premium Duck™ motors are proven performers in clean room and severe chemical-processing applications involving frequent washdown with nitric acid and caustic lye. IP56 enclosure for use in applications such as pharmaceutical, food processing, dairy, chemical processing, and beverage and bottling industries.

SST Duck™ Motors

The SST Duck™ Wash Down Duty® motors are designed for ultra-clean operations where a paint-free motor is needed. All stainless-steel external components withstand severe washdown environments found in food and beverage processing as well as pharmaceutical or chemical processing.

Washguard II Motors

The Washguard® II motors are well suited for the demanding environments of food processing areas requiring frequent sanitation using high pressure cleaning with concentrated caustic solutions, areas of high humidity, and in chemical environments. Typical applications include bakeries and food processing facilities, as well as conveying.

White Duck™ Motors

The White Duck™ motors are designed for an occasional washdown. Coated in a high-gloss, high-durability, USDA-approved white epoxy finish, White Duck™ motors are a perfect fit in conveying, bottling, food packaging, pumping and fan applications.


TerraMax® Motors

TerraMAX® is the global IEC low voltage motor platform, which has been engineered to deliver best in class performance, efficiency and product reliability with its premium features suited to meet toughest applications in the industry.Learn More >

Farm/Agriculture Motors

For more than 40 years, the LEESON® brand has designed, engineered, and built motor solutions to handle the high-starting loads and severe-duty applications of the Farm/Ag industry. Designs include general purpose, crop dryer, auger drives, fan ventilation, grain stirring and more.View All Farm/Agriculture Motors >

AC/DC Gearmotors

LEESON® right angle and parallel shaft gearmotors are offered in both AC and DC Designs. These industrial strength gearmotors are designed for reliability and long life in the toughest applications.View All AC/DC Gearmotors >

DC (Direct Current) Motors

Industrial and commercial design DC Motors for low and high voltage applications typically requiring speed adjustment, constant torque throughout speed range and reversing capabilities. Designs include permanent magnet, explosion proof, IEC and washdown rated motors.View All DC (Direct Current) Motors >