Maurey Manufacturing

The company was incorporated under its present name of Maurey Manufacturing Corporation in 1933 in Chicago, IL.

Joseph E. Maurey, eldest son of Eugene Maurey began his association with Maurey Manufacturing Corporation in 1935. In 1959 he was named president of the company; in 1991 he was named Chairman and CEO.

In 1948, a Marketing Partnership was established with the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. This relationship continues today with Maurey Manufacturing Corporation marketing Continental ContiTech’s entire line of Power Transmission Products after their acquisition of Goodyear’s portion of that business.

In 2005, with the passing of Joseph E. Maurey in the summer of this year, Joseph W. Maurey was named President and CEO of Maurey Manufacturing. Joe has been involved in various positions since 1980 and was VP of Manufacturing for the last ten years.